The Program

If you are going to try to deal with your joint pain without prescription medication you are going to need to attack your joint pain with healthy eating habits, exercise and supplements.

Since it would be nearly impossible to eat a diet containing all the foods that are joint healthy, I recommend adding supplements to your diet. Joint healthy supplements fight the very inflammation that causes joint pain. Browse through our below listing of joint healthy supplements and see what makes sense for you. The concept of the tiered approach, Levels 1-4, is discussed in Healthy Joints for Life.

If you haven’t read the book you may be confused by the “Levels” so let me explain. There are many scientifically backed joint healthy ingredients. Including all of them at appropriate doses in one tablet or capsule is not possible. The tablet or capsule would be too large to swallow. The “levels” allow compatible ingredients to be combined in appropriate dosages in a tablet or capsule that can be swallowed easily. Check the ingredients for the different levels to help evaluate what is best for you. And consider reading Healthy Joints for Life for detailed information and direction. Check with your medical doctor before you start a supplement program.

As a devoted supplement user my biggest concern has always been whether I was getting what I was paying for. Consumer Labs has substantiated that many manufacturers sell products that do not contain the appropriate amount or even any of the raw material specified on the bottle label. That’s the reason why each and every batch of my products is tested for purity and potency. If my name is on the bottle you can be assured that you are getting authentic supplements.

The Healthy Joints for Life supplements are NOW AVAILABLE!

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